1. Clearing

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    Hi everyone, this week I decided to talk to you about clearing as it is starting quite soon. Loads of people have probably talked to you about it already but I thought it might be a good idea to write about my own experience with it. “You may not realise...
  2. Traveling…

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    I’ve never thought I say this but I miss the rain. I really do…. It has been absolutely boiling here for weeks and there is no end in sight. I’ve been tracking across the country visiting my friends at universities here, they are either still writing their exams or have...
  3. My Very First Post!

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    First things first… Hurray this is my first ever blog post so to start with I have to thank the previous Insight Ambassadors that we are taking over from. I hope we will be able to do just as an amazing job as they did. So what is all this...

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Name:Leonie Chevalier
Course:BSc (Hon) Observational Astronomy
Year of study: 3rd year
Hometown: Dietzenbach (Germany)

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